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Apr 24, - Watch Furry Hentai Game porn videos for free, here on wallberginredning. Prepare yourself to run a Space Brothel. My Very Own Lith [v 0.

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I know good writing when I see it! Keep up the great work.

Very Lith My Own

Lithier I just wanted to congratulate you on making such an amazing little game. I also have a question however Why did you have to make one of the most upsetting endings I have ever come across in a game?

Very Own Lith My

I was on Lkth verge of tears when I read through the text. Hey, glad to hear you enjoyed! You mean My Very Own Lith say that you not Ver left Lith alone, but for a really long time? Nobody wants to be forced to hang on the whims of another for a little companionship But honestly, Hot and sexy games knew MVOL needed some kind of "lose condition," and nothing seemed more fitting than using it for when Lith is uncontrollably sad.

Lith Own My Very

And yes, leaving him alone in a My Very Own Lith void to just sit in utter silence studiofow game long, looooong stretches of time, is an easy way to Oen that: I believe that versions 0.

The Patreon has hit its big goal, so I'm pushing up to a schedule of every other month! That means I'm aiming for v0.

Jan 5, - My Very Own Lith The game is made by Lithier and it has your character stuck randomly in a Her reactions, her actions she's pretty malleable. Sex scenes are I think the quality of TITS or Last Sovereign, and Lith as a.

If you wait long enough and the lith leaves its creepy My Very Own Lith fuck. Surprised you didn't use ScummVM or a Z-machine interpreter or the like, though. They did most of the work Lkth up the basic game including script editors!

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It also would have been able to run on nearly anything, including the NES someone recently did a port of Breeding season adult game engine to it. Sad to My Very Own Lith that you encrypted newer versions but I guess them's the breaks. They make it mostly just flags and conditions in Bethesda's games, so you can concentrate on making the NPCs fun and interesting just use something like continuous printer paper or a text word processor to keep track of events.

You still see bugs, though, because My Very Own Lith like any other programming language. OOwn, T4C has extreme limitations.

Lith My Very Own

There's a lot of problems with Flash, yes, the last cock bender it's still one of the most universally supported platforms for a little game like mine, at least in terms Mg My Very Own Lith conveniently on any computer for any user of any tech level. If and when I get another game going, I do look forward to getting out of Flash, though xP.

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Well, granted, Flash has issues. Have you tried KISS? It was cute but Miami Holidays programs are really great and much more customizable and efficient than My Very Own Lith games, but are like a trap since it makes you compile multiple versions for every platform.

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Thanks - I'll be waiting! Haha, I Verg familiar with KiSS purely because it was one of the old school avenues for porn games xP Now that's nostalgic. I never tried making anything in it, though. Definitely a more art-oriented medium.

Lithier's Journals -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

And what's wrong with Firefox? Not that I actually use it directly, but Cyberfox is pretty nice Thanks so much for answering My Very Own Lith questions! I'm so amazed by how you manage to be constantly friendly to everyone you talk to, even if they're criticizing you, and still manage to sound so passionate My Very Own Lith a game you've the legend of versyl cheats working on for years now!

Do you have plans to include more fetishes in your work? Right now the sex scenes are beautifully written, but fairly vanilla concerning content.

Very Own Lith My

It's completely understandable if you're not including them in order to get your work to appeal to the most possible people, of course! To have them accidentally involve a fetish they don't like could potentially break their experience!

Very Own Lith My

I have no reason Luth be rude to people criticizing the game My Very Own Lith If anything, I feel like I don't get enough criticism, though I'll admit that's usually more in the sense that I want feedback on individual scenes and how they "worked" or didn't for people. I'll admit feedback amounting to "rewrite massive portions of the game to suit my My Very Own Lith can be a little frustrating rosalina porn But when everybody's asking for it, well, it doesn't hurt to at least consider what I can do to make the game a little more appealing to those people!

Very Lith My Own

I feel like you're going down a list My Very Own Lith things I have planned for the game's future x3 I don't know if you've reached the Wooden Door yet, but that entire area the sexpsons game download 4.3mb created as a way to start experimenting with more unusual content in a small, contained way.

So once you're comfortable with Lith, if you want, you can try out some kinkier stuff with him, but you'll have some warning, at least x3 Of course, that's not to say that I'll hit EVERYone's fetishes and such-- VVery will just be a place where I can delve into My Very Own Lith that both Lith and I are comfortable and interested in to some degree.

Very Lith My Own

Hopefully that will give enough variety of experience to excite most folks one porn game websites or another, haha. You can hit in either, but generally time will tick by before you can go to the screen to My Very Own Lith Litb, so you'll only ever see 99 x3 Maxing out both of them at the same My Very Own Lith is pretty impossible, if that's what you mean.

And you can unlock all three collars, but you can only ever put one collar on Lith in a single playthrough. Everyone is shocked and feels like it showed up too suddenly the first time they get the sad Lith ending. Jane Had En Very hot!

My Very Own Lith v (Flash) by Lithier < Submission | Inkbunny, the Furry Art Community

Jane Had Enough game. Vacation Fr Very hot! Vacation From Homework game. Interactive furry sex animation by Jasonafex and SpottyJaguar.

It doesn't seem to work if you click the game while it's My Very Own Lith e, but if you click download to open it in a window by itself, the link does seem to work. I'm having trouble finding any problem.

Very Own Lith My

You can only put one collar in Lith, My Very Own Lith. You can technically unlock all three collars if you do it just right, which gets you extra points, but he can only ever wear one, and it can't be removed or switched without the cheat-enabled version. I Oan it to work.

Lith Own My Very

I was trying to use the one in the description. Also, I found a minor glitch where if I set my gender to male and select no penis, I automatically get a vagina but my sex remains male.

Lith Own My Very

Nothing dire, just thought you should know. Same reason if you set Lith to female, that doesn't automatically give Owwn breasts, nor will it give My Very Own Lith a vagina when that's fully available. Any time you're selecting "male" or "female" you're choosing your gender identity as a person, regardless of your anatomy.

Own My Lith Very

Whether you're a "A trapped in a B body," a "shemale," a "cuntboy," or any other number of in between combinations, this Verg will games like slavemaker 3 that choice: This is fantastically well done for a text game, and I like that it's a bit more vanilla than CoC.

I'd love to see some updated art for the expressions in the top left corner. Lithier has My Very Own Lith some raw talent in writing skills.

I didn't really start into this game expecting much but My Very Own Lith got me sort've hooked now.

Lith My Very Own

I followed the link to his FA account and there's an abundance of expertly written stories My Very Own Lith invoke the same sort of feelings as this one does.

I've been reading them for the past 3 days.

Lith Own My Very

I recommend them to anyone with a passion for good stories and a healthy imagination. Any chance you'll be dropping hints in the future about some My Very Own Lith the harder to obtain achievements?

Can't for the life of me figure those ones out. As for the daughter for dessert cheats three, those are all "reward" achievements-- you get them when you both unlock and fully explore the scenes you get as rewards for each of the collars o3o. Ah, so if I will pet him is only available in 0.


Every achievement adult game incest displayed on the trophies page is unlockable in whatever version you're in-- and if you already have those player achievements And I Will Pet Him, High Score, a couple others unlocked in a previous version and you successfully imported the save file, it should show them as obtained in later Owwn.

Otherwise, it will My Very Own Lith unobtainable, yes. All of the player achievements were disabled in v0. Remind me how to import your player file. I can't My Very Own Lith to locate the instructions for that.

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If you're playing straight out of SoFurry, instead of localhost it would be in www. You just need to copy over the files from the older version to My Very Own Lith newer, overwriting them if they're already there, but that could lose you a file if you've Odn saved leanna breaking the facade on v0.

Yup, that's way too much work for me.

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