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This is also shown by the fact that LeBlanc can just as easily and on the spot throw a good concert using the dresssphere, because it is all Lynne coming through the use of it. This's what I was thinking too.


Btw, the character's name is "Lenne". Tho I'm liking the typo spelling better lol. The Eternal Calm short details that she superdeepthraot much spent the 2 years between X and X-2 in peace in Besaid. That is until Rikku whisked her away and Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen her into the Harrd. So having some sort of singing career Rikou between the two games doesn't really fit into the picture.

For the cheering crowds. Yuna the high summoner, savior of Spira, is practically already a celebrity in her own right. It would be more surprising if people didn't flock to watch her sing. She doesn't really need any previous exposure as a singer, let alone a career, to be able to garner that number of fans considering how popular she already is. I'm thinking LeBlanc knows this, which is why she stole Yuna's sphere in the first place.

To Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen advantage of Yuna's reputation. The timeline of the Songstress dressphere is rather screwy. But I'm thinking they obtained it not long before LeBlanc stole it, and that opening boss fight may have been the first time or close to it she equipped it. It could even have been the sphere Rikku showed Yuna that convinced her to become a sphere hunter. I mean, if she had used that dressphere before, I don't think she would've been as surprised as she was when it took over her body, Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen her dance.

If she had been doing concerts with that same sphere before, I don't see why it wouldn't have happened at least once. Her putting on a pop concert would get anyone's attention. It'd be like if porn games for psvita scientist found the cure to cancer than a year later announced she was going to be a pop star and tour with taylor swift; pretty sure most ppl would turn out Har that just for curiosity's sake.

Wow, they made her pregnant and she looks as skinny as ever! Hagd FFVI, it has teen pregnancy. The second he finds out they're taking a bath he says 'ooooo im coming down there! Then there's the Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen backrub mentioned, and Barelai wanting to marry Yuna and Rikku asking sleeping girl sex games she's down for it. Also Gippal's pretty heavy flirting with Rikku.

If you think the game's focus on three main girls wearing skimpy as hell outfits are to appeal to females then I don't know what you're smoking, but I'd really like some because that is some powerful delusion. Rikku is wearing a g-string Harc. This is not a game I'd want my daugther to play. This game is fanservice for males, that's about it. I said in another thread but this game is totally written by a man in his 30's or 40's who thinks this is what teenage girls act like.

As a woman who was Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen a teenage girl I can definitively tell you we do not regularly give each other lesbian backrubs or admire each other's boobs while bathing together. Wtf are you on that you're suggesting a game with an underaged girl wearing a g-string and a dude trying to fuck his cousin as 'a wholesome game to play Danckng your daughter?

And why is this game Fuck Town - Cleaning Services all games a good game to start a daughter off with RPGs? Me and 4 other girls I know fucking love dark souls. It's for fanboys, pure and simple. If you want to bondage video game a final fantasy game that appeals to women, look at XV I am not at all against having fanservice in games.

I've been a fan of anime and games for so long I'm throughly desensitized to Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen much everything.

Rikku 3d hentai flash

What bothers me is when characters are given no personality or agency of their own decisions. The girls of X-2 are not written like real women. As much crap as Cidney gets, she at least focuses on her making her business successful.

Tifa was pretty fanservicey in design, but she's also a deep and complex character. Yuna's new design is not awful because it shows more skin; it's awful because Yuna is not the type of girl to wear something like that.

Although she grows stronger over the course of the original game, she is much more reserved in the way Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen dresses and most women like that won't suddenly slap on booty shorts with your butt cheeks hanging out and a shirt that's open down to your bellybutton exposing your cleavage with no bra.

No thought was put into this design other than 'just make her sexy'. I am sorry to rant; I dont' hate sakyubasu no tatakai ii ppl who like x FFX-2's story is also bad because well. It makes it worse though because X-2 retroactively ruins all the gravity and drama from FFX. No one ever ends up with their first love from high school. It was refreshing and unique to see how Tidus influenced Yuna to grow and mature It's one of those relationships where it didn't last but whoremaker game app pure made each other better, strong people.

That's something you dont' see often in games. Fuck it, let's just bring him back in the sequel because SE needs money. Then they get live happily ever after and get married just like in all the disney movies. Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen read a lot about SE's business and stuff from the late 90's on and X-2 was every bit the cynical cash grab it feels like. When Wada became Adult games flash he pushed very hard for them to make sequels and spin offs Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen popular games to maximize profit; which is why we also got all those ff7 spinoffs.

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It took one of the best, most bittersweet final fantasy endings and completely ruined it for the sake of fanservice. This is probably what's worst Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen it: I do not mind them making Final Fantasy: Hooters edition but a sequel to X?

It's no more 'girl power' than Queen's Blade or Love Hina yeah, real girl sex games google it if you don't know anime. However, my points are mostly about the script treatment of Lulu.

Lulu is pregnant like a normal Qeuen human woman. It is Dancinf viewed by the player like Setzer or some other examples of perviness in FF games.

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You are right about Baralai hentai game download Gippal and also Nooj. I will cover these three characters in part 2. True point about fan service shots, but with the male Danccing models how bout Kimahri or Sabin, or FFXV [which I have not played] can we really say those are exclusively female objectification?

Also, the player can shorten or entirely eliminate dress-sphere animations. Any JRPG will have outfits of varying free porn game for android of insanity, and yes, frequently these objectify female characters.

I think this is more Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen to the personalities of Japanese game designers than maliciousness, but it is still bad for game design and characterization. However, as a counter argument to Dabcing point, I Hzrd the following three images, the classes of my final party:. FFX-2 has its share of skimpy outfits. Many JRPGs share this regrettable trait.

That Dark Knight armor is actually protecting the user. Also, these are Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen good classes. In my playthrough the classes with skimpier outfits would have lower defense Dancong YRP would die. This is a realistic satire of the ultimate armor for a female Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen being a magical bikini. Again, the combat is where this game achieves its true characterization. For this reason I think we Danxing analyze the outfits in combat, rather than in the weaker parts of the game.

In a deeper sense, I afternoon to remember that the assumption that revealing outfits are necessarily sexualized is applying American ideas about dress and sexuality to Japanese culture.

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Rikku nudity is less sexualized in Japan. Most people go to onsen naked and when I studied in Japan our teacher told us that traditionally construction workers would work naked on hot days.

I truly believe that fan service in Japanese media xxx kqras misunderstood when it is exported. I have no defense about Brother lol.

- Dancing Queen Hard 2 Rikku

Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen I thought his character got pretty wrecked in this game and my only defense would be to say that he is kind of a pathetic or pitiful Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen in this game, not intended to be Dirty Bitchs Lesson. Your point about pandering is well taken and I think more detrimental to my argument Harr applied to FFX-2, but I think it is earnest pandering, and not fanservice to the male gaze as you see it.

Queeh there are otaku who are focused on collecting dresses or accessories for objectified female characters.

First off thanks for not biting my head off. It sounds like you mostly agree on the point that at least marketing towards guys was a priority for Har team in some ways. That was really my main goal; a lot of people call X-2 'girly' which take issue with because the 'girly' is more like 'girlie show' in x-2 and less like 'girly' like idk sailor moon.

I think them not changing Lulu's 3D model really undermined the script for her. It's all well and good to have her pregnant, but to make that the reason she Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen join them without actually well.

Wakka was like all 'oh baby's due any day now! Usually umemaro 3d game start to 'show' at 4 months, so either wakka is really really dumb or the game designers were very lazy. And that kind of leads me to a larger point.

They were pretty meticulous and gave a lot of effort in some areas, but literally zero effort in others.

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This is what leads to the impression me and others get about the characters not being written like Quen women, but rather just moe dress up dolls for the player's amusement. Compare it to sailor moon the anime. Sailor Moon also consisted of a group of female fighters, and they wore some pretty sort skirts. Yes, a lot Rikk men watched sailor moon because of those skirts; and there were even 'beach' episodes. The focal point of the story was the strong writing of the close friendships between the girls.

Final Fantasy X-2 didn't make the effort to write its main characters with the same care. Sailor Moon has a very large and dedicated female fanbase 20 years later; X-2 does not. It's really all in the characterization.

Which Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen one of my main complaints about Yuna. I Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen that her personality would change, but the funny thing with X It's almost like they confined most of her character development Hars her outfit or something. Rikku abruptly dropped her mug on the table with a clunk, hopped up, skirted the high tail hall free table, draped herself across the woman's lap, and circled her arms around her waist.

Lulu swung her cup out of the way just in time. Fuck Town - Christmas Weekend was so different from anything she knew. Spiced tea added an exotic flavor Haard Lulu's lips, but more than that, her mouth was full and soft Qkeen as supple hentaikey games firm as potter's wet clay.

Without a word, Lulu set the cup on the table, curled a finger gently under Rikku's chin, and guided her into a long, warm, give-and-take kiss that ended with their tongues flirting for over a minute. The woman's long dark bangs tickled Rikku's cheeks with the faint scent of hibiscus. Finally Lulu pulled away, stroking her Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen of blond hair.

She pressed herself against Lulu's Rikkku, shaking silently. Lulu's fingers Dancinb down one of her braids, teasing her shoulder. Care to let me in on the joke? Rikku slapped at her fingers with a faint yip.

Queen 2 Dancing Hard Rikku -

play with us episode 2 all scenes At the same time she started sweeping the tip of Rikku's braid back and forth along her collarbones. Yes and no and maybe were dancing a butterfly jig in her stomach, but it was mostly yes. She heard a gratifying gasp when she moved her hands around to cup Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen full breasts in her small hands. Lulu was so incredibly lush, all white curves that erotical nights like solid pearl but yielded to the touch.

The rain outside was falling faster, its drumming patter on the roof stirring the blood. Meanwhile, Lulu's newly-shorn fingers traced lazy patterns and glyphs over Rikku's skin through the nightgown's fabric. Was Lulu preparing some kind of spell?

Rikku leaned back, arching happily over the arm braced behind her as the older woman dripped whispery kisses across her thin shoulders. Thrashing out an Al Bhed curse, the girl twisted her fingers in Lulu's braids, giving her a playful tug. Lulu's free hand stole downward, traveling in slowly descending spirals and Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen over her belly.

Somewhere below the navel, the tingling warmth spreading out from her weaving fingers made Rikku shudder and gasp even more than the intimate kisses.

Queen 2 Rikku Hard - Dancing

She whimpered again when Lulu traced a thumb very lightly around the curved seam where her upper thigh met her hip. The younger woman copied her playfully, brushing her fingertips back and forth over the soft flesh of Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen inner elbow or the delicate skin around her eyes and ears.

The faint breathy sounds Lulu made in response were nearly as alluring as the maddening things she was doing with her hands.

Gazing down at the girl's face with quiet fondness, Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen mage was tracing a flowing, sensuous circuit of Rikku's thigh and hip. The gesture was so simple, and yet it felt like a glove of rippling Rikku Hard 2 - Dancing Queen, as if the rain trickling over the domed canvas of the tent had somehow gotten into her fingers.

Curling them under, Lulu glided the backs of her nails ever so lightly against Rikku's inner knee, up her outer thigh, around the arch of her hipbone, and back down her inner thigh, each time taking a slightly different route. Rikku gave a high, soft moan and slipped a hand behind Lulu's head, drawing her down for another round of warm, crazed kisses. Crazed because Rikku kept darting in and out, wanting and joking and eager and shy all mixed together, while Lulu was just there like the ocean spilling into her mouth and lifting her off her toes.

Somehow they managed to find a rhythm despite a few bumped teeth. Sitting sideways free sexx18the Lulu's thighs with head tipped back, cradled against one of her arms with the other playing deliciously over her body, Rikku felt like some sort of musical instrument.

Lulu finally came up for air and nuzzled her cheek. My arm's getting tired. Lulu held the girl patiently and stroked her hair until the rumbling died away. The woman rose, smoothed her rumpled robe, and moved to the bed, reclining gracefully and sweeping her hand along the sheet beside her.

Eyes bright, Rikku threw herself down with a bounce.

2 Dancing - Queen Rikku Hard

She giggled at Lulu's disgruntled expression and leaned in to steal another kiss, then took advantage of the distraction to tug open Lulu's sash. Her face stiffened slightly as deft small fingers went for the Dwncing of her black nightgown as well.

She brushed two fingers affectionately against the Al Bhed's cheek.

This is true, but the game experience itself is also structured around the combat In FFX-2, Yuna is famous in the way that Tidus is famous at the beginning . Sex is not a stranger to the FF series, but actual adult real-world pregnancy is. .. When Wada became CEO he pushed very hard for them to make.

It's just a little strange being with you in this way. She gave the nightgown another tug. Shy and curious, she spread a small hand over an ample breast, stroking it.

I mean, they're practically bigger than my head! Yours have the same amount of nerves, and that means more sensation per touch. The Al Bhed's fingers nimbly explored her pale skin, pausing to wonder at a few old scars lacing her midsection like veins of quartz in white marble. Her eager explorations slowed as Lulu drew her close, kneading her back and soothing her.

Rikku blushed only a little when the woman slid a hand under the edge of the green silk and skimmed up her spine, rolling up the thin garment like a pair of stockings. Rikku squirmed out of it and huddled against her. She had left her underwear behind with her shorts. You're a lovely girl. We have already met Danny. He's a fantastic guy, but lusty labrinth really loves sex.

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